TLT Mechcal was established in 2002 to manufacture industrial fans with patented designs using advanced composite materials to create a range of products that could be used for a wide range of applications. The company has developed proprietary software that allows for the creation of high efficiency designs that address the issues of reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption while providing superior fan performance.

Our first prototype unit was supplied to Grootegeluk Coal Mine in the Limpopo province for testing and trials in 2004. The original fan designed is still in operation and has, in most cases, accumulated more than 25 000 hours of usage without any sign of fatigue or premature failure. Added to this, the operators of the vehicles in which these fans are installed have been able to reduce overall maintenance and downtime.

Every fan is designed for a specific application and is tailored to suit the needs of each client by matching the required performance with maximum efficiency. Our design advantage and use of composite materials allow us to carry out a custom design and analysis and create individual tailored solutions.

TLT Mechcal has been awarded several prestigious awards and our unique and technologically superior products have attracted the interest of several OEM's in the market.