Our factory is located in Pretoria. It has been designed specifically for composite manufacturing on a just in time production line methodology for TLT Mechcal fans and is separated into 4 distinct areas. 

Each area is associated with a specific task in the manufacturing production line, and is isolated from the others to avoid particulate contamination, ensuring process and product quality. The areas include a room for cutting composite cloth materials, an area to blend resins and apply the layups and a general sanding area. The remaining part of the facility is used as a general preparation and assembly area, geared to assembly of metal work on the fans, including welding and metal turning and drilling posts. 

Our facility boasts a wide range of advanced equipment including a computer controlled router, milling machines, lathes, unique pressing and jigging machines, electronically controlled ovens. A dynamic balancing machine is also installed to perform balancing on each rotor that is manufactured.

The factory is also home to TLT Mechcal's fan performance testing facilities where performance testing is carried out according to British Standard 848/ISO 5801 standards. The test ducts can test all of the fans we currently manufacture. We make use of Type C and Type D tests ducts with in-house software to semi-automate the systems and tests performed. TLT Mechcal makes use of the latest engineering technology to design its fans in a virtual environment. The tools used include Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis. Combined with empirical and theoretical design tools developed in-house, these tools help ensure that our products will meet performance expectations and be of the highest standard. These resources enable TLT Mechcal to respond to individual needs of each client, while shortening the turnaround time on producing and evaluating any prototype that is required prior to performance testing and eventual product development.