Luther Erasmus: Managing Director
Luther has over 25 years of international industry, operational and business experience which includes developing guidance and control systems and strategic system analysis for weaponry and defence programs; commercialization of state enterprises and strategic planning; development of identification and intelligent control technologies; business and product development; managing global operations for publicly listed companies and consulting for businesses in the technology and renewables sectors.


  Khutšo’ Chabangu: QA Manager
Khutšo has almost a decade of testing, manufacturing and training experience. Most of the experience he obtained is from the aeronautical industry, and being in teams that developed, built and tested specialized machines in Rapid Manufacturing of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics and Additive Manufacturing of titanium and stainless steel parts. Khutšo holds a B-Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering (field of specialisation in Mechatronics) from Tshwane University of Technology.


  Michael Minges: Operations Director
Michael has 25 years of General Engineering Design and Development experience. He has a strong background in Defence Aeronautics, with an emphasis on structural analysis and flutter prediction. He is well versed in structural analysis and FEA, with an emphasis on modelling and simulation, experienced in project management and taking ideas from concept to production. Michael’s qualifications include a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cape Town.


  Stephan Viviers: Director of Systems and Projects
Stephan has 27 years of engineering experience specializing in Vibration Analysis. He also has a Defence Aeronautics background with an emphasis on flutter prediction and GVT analysis. He is also experienced in the areas of project management and system development. He has an MSc in Applied Mathematics from the Free State University.


  Michael Schildhauer: Principal Design Engineer
Michael has 27 years of experience in the field having carried out various engineering functions for international companies including working on the Typhoon Fighter Aircraft in Italy. Michael also has significant experience in structures and FEA, non-lineal finite element analysis, composite design analysis as well as CFD. His qualifications include an MSc in Aero Engineering and an MBL from UNISA.  


  Viwe Mkhaliphi: Production Manager
Viwe has 10 years experience in Industrial Engineering. At TLT Mechcal he is responsible for full production planning and facilities. His qualifications include a BTech in Industrial Engineering, and he is currently writing his dissertation for M Phil Engineering Management.


  Heinrich Jacobs: Principal Engineer
Heinrich is a professionally registered engineer with more than 25 years of experience in various industries, ranging from petro-chemical, design and analysis, foundry and nuclear. He has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, with a very strong focus on metallurgy. Heinrich is a seasonal lecturer at WITS in the School of Welding. He is a Design Verification Engineer and Technical Assessor for SANAS on ISO17020.


  Walter de Jesus: Composite Engineer
Walter has 7 years of experience with extensive composite manufacturing experience in both industrial and Aeronautical. His qualifications include a BTech Mechanical Engineering and a BSc (Hons) Applied Science (Mathematics).


  Heinrich Wichmann: Mechanical Technician
Heinrich also has extensive experience in the composites industry, with specific reference to CAD designs, prototyping, CNC machining, robotic programming and reverse engineering. His qualifications include a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.


  Marianne Bidgood: HR Manager
Marianne has many years of experience in the HR field. In a career spanning more than 35 years, she has been involved in HR Systems Design and Implementation, HR Internal Auditing, HR Consulting, Mediation and various other HR functions. She holds a certificate in Internal Audit from CEatUP.