TLT Mechcal has developed fans that address performance expectation in terms of the stringent and legally regulated noise requirements, while attempting to address efficiency, long life and reduction in energy use.

Our fan manufacture incorporates advanced materials that reduce overall system mass by as much as 70%, improve wear characteristics, reduce maintenance needed on mechanical components and improve aerodynamic efficiency.

TLT Mechcal clients have performed numerous independent noise and performance studies on TLT Mechcal products at their own facilities and have verified the significant improvements delivered by TLT Mechcal's many designs.

A proprietary design code has been developed by TLT Mechcal to allow engineers to design fans (Axial and Radial flow) for the envisaged installation. The code provides geometric details of the envisaged fan and predicted performance and efficiency. This code has also been well validated through the use of CFD and through experimental performance testing for the Axial and Centrifugal flow fans.

Noise Reduction, Aerodynamics and Performance Efficiency are the key features and prerequisites that we take into consideration for every fan built.